This notice provides you with information about the risks associated with investment products, which you may invest in through services provided to you by CryptoRobo Group entities. CryptoRobo provides a wide range of investment services in relation to a number of products through its regulated entities CryptoRobo (Europe) Limited, authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and CryptoRobo (UK) Limited, authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

It is important that you fully understand the risks involved before deciding to trade with CryptoRobo and that you have adequate financial resources to bear such risks and that you monitor your positions carefully.

Cryptocurrency trading involves risk to your capital. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose, however you cannot lose more than the equity in your account.

General Risks

CryptoRobo offers trading opportunities for investors that we hope will result in financial gains. However, like in trading any asset, including cryptocurrencies, there are no guarantees. Please consider carefully whether trading or investing in Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) is appropriate to your financial situation. No trader should ever invest more than he or she can afford to lose. Any risks taken by traders are solely the responsibility of the trader, and CrytoRobo bears no responsibility whatsoever for funds lost when trading on our website. Only risk capital should be used when trading or investing in Bitcoins (or any other cryptocurrency). You must review Terms of Service and this Risk Disclosure prior to establishing an account. Unlike Margin Trading, Binary Options traders could not lose more than their initial investment.

Risks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. General Market Risk: The market for cryptocurrencies is still new and uncertain. No-one should have funds invested that he or she is not prepared to lose entirely. Whether the market for one or more cryptocurrency will move up or down, or whether a cryptocurrency will lose all or substantially all of its value, is unknown. This applies both to traders that are going long and to traders that are shorting the market. Participants should be cautious about holding cryptocurrencies and are warned that they should pay close attention to their position and holdings, and how they may be impacted by sudden and adverse shifts in trading and other market activities.
  2. .Liquidity Risk: Markets for cryptocurrencies have varying degrees of liquidity. Some are quite liquid while others may be thinner. Thin markets can amplify volatility. There is never a guarantee that there will be an active market for one to sell, buy, or trade cryptocurrencies or products derived from or ancillary to them. Furthermore, CryptoRobo opertes in US Dollars. If your home country uses a different currency, keep in mind that “traditional” currencies are prone to inflation and fluctuation.
  3. .Legal Risk: The legal status of certain cryptocurrencies may be uncertain. This can mean that the legality of holding or trading them is not always clear. Whether and how one or more cryptocurrencies constitute property, or assets, or rights of any kind may also seem unclear. Participants are responsible for knowing and understanding how cryptocurrencies will be addressed, regulated, and taxed under applicable law.
  4. Exchange Risk (Counterparty Risk): Having cryptocurrencies on deposit or with any third party in a custodial relationship has attendant risks. These risks include security breaches, risk of contractual breach, and risk of loss. Participants should be wary of allowing third parties to hold their property for any reason.


Before we open an account for you, we are required to make an assessment of whether the product(s) and/or services you have chosen are appropriate for you, and to warn you if, on the basis of the information you provide to us, any product or service is not appropriate. If you decide to continue and open an account with us, you are confirming that you are aware of and understand the risks.

Position Monitoring

You should further ensure you are able to monitor positions on your account at all times, as you are solely responsible for this. We are not responsible for monitoring positions on your account.


Although the CryptoRobo trading platform is automated and we are giving you the best execution available, it is possible that the market price could have changed between order placement and execution time, and therefore we cannot guarantee that the price requested will be the same as the price that the order is executed, the price you receive can be in your favor or against you.

To limit losses, we require you to choose ‘stop loss’ limits. These set limits automatically close your position when it reaches a price limit of your choice. There are however circumstances in which a ‘stop loss’ limit is not fully effective – for example, where there are rapid price movements, or market closure. In addition, there are risks associated with use of online deal execution and trading systems including, but not limited to, software and hardware failure and internet disconnection.


CryptoRobo offers Social Trading Features. In making a decision to copy a specific trader or traders and/or follow a particular strategy, you must consider your entire financial situation including financial commitments and you understand that using Social Trading Features is highly speculative and that you could sustain significant losses exceeding the amount used to copy a trader or traders. The risks associated with Social Trading Features, include but are not limited to, automated trading execution whereby the opening and closing of trades will happen in your account without your manual intervention. You can read more about the Copy Trading risks here.

Automated Trading

While trading on our website and/or applications, system errors might occur. You should be aware of the risks that may result from any system failure which could mean that your order may be delayed or fail.

Fees and Costs

Our fees and charges are set out on our website under the ‘Fees’ section. Please be aware of all costs and charges that apply to you, because such costs and charges will affect your profitability.


Any opinions, news, research, analyses, prices, or other information contained on this website are provided as general market commentary, and do not constitute investment advice. CryptoRobo shall not be responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on any recommendation, forecast or other information provided

Past Performance

Past performance is not an indicator for future results. The value of investments can go down as well as up.

Currency Risk

Your account with CryptoRobo will be held in USD which may be different from the currency you used to deposit; accordingly you should be aware of currency fluctuations.