Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is CryptoRobo?

CryptoRobo is the first licensed bot that profitably trades cryptocurrencies for you making it possible for everybody to earn their share with cryptocurrencies. That way even beginners who are into trading, but never dealt with cryptocurrencies, get the chance to use the current “Crypto Boom” to create some passive income.

CryptoRobo automatically detects fluctuations in the market prices, and gives you the chance to trade the 600 most popular currencies. Though some cryptocurrencies on the market are time tested, and already widely accepted by the general public there still are fluctuations high enough to profit from.

CryptoRobo isn’t only connected to the different floors and trading platforms, but also linked to a second software (TradeCoin) which constantly checks news feeds for trends in cryptocurrencies. This data is then forwarded to financial experts, and consecutively evaluated by them, to help you make more profit.

Is CryptoRobo legal and secure?

We only work with licensed brokers and under a valid license. To give you a chance to test CryptoRobo, we offer a free 90 day demo mode.

What is the best way to start?

In a Nutshell: Sign up, buy Bitcoins, and get started.

A bit more into depth:

  1. Sign up. Go to the official homepage and click on sign up. The only thing you need for an account to be created is a valid email address. No personal data is collected from you, which guarantees you 100% anonymity. Nobody except you knows your trading volume, how many Bitcoins, Ethereum, or Dash you own or trade.
  2. Start the demo mode. CryptoRobo offers a completely risk free 90 day demo mode, which allows you to get comfortable with the software, learn how to trade, or if you never dealt with cryptocurrencies before, how cryptocurrencies work.
  3. Buy cryptocurrencies. To be able to trade, you need cryptocurrencies. CryptoRobo supports you where and what cryptocurrencies to buy. You can also buy Bitcoins directly at CryptoRobo.
  4. Trade with your cryptocurrencies. Now it is time for some actual trading and steadily building a stream of passive income. CryptoRobo capitalizes on natural fluctuations in currencies value to help you make money. The higher the fluctuation, the better your income. Even if you don’t plan on actively trading with your cryptocurrencies, by attracting more and more people, Bitcoin steadily increased in value. A rule of thumb is that the newer or more exotic a crypto currency is, the more it fluctuates allowing for the chance of higher earnings. If you plan on a more conservative approach, aim for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dash, as they have been around the longest, and over the time constantly rose in their value.

Do you need to verify my personal details?

No, all we need is your email address and phone number. No sensitive data is required.

How do I deposit money?

If you already own Bitcoins, you can use them; otherwise you can purchase Bitcoins directly on our platform.

How long does it take to make a deposit and a withdrawal?

Deposits and withdrawals are both carried out in a matter of minutes!

How do I make a withdrawal?

The only thing we need is your Bitcoin wallet address. We will send you your money quickly, safely, and anonymously. No one except you knows your current account balance, what your turnover is, and how much you already payed out.

Do I need to pay taxes?

CryptoRobo is an international company through which no VAT is incurred nor appears on our invoices. Business-to-business (B2B) is now an everyday occurrence.

You must settle your income tax in your country of residence. Nonetheless, for legal reasons we cannot provide you with advice. However, we urge you not to attempt to evade taxes in any manner, not to engage in money laundering, and not to allocate or provide funds for any terrorist purpose whatsoever.


How can I minimize my risk?

In order to minimize risk, you should only use capital that you can afford to lose. Our trading robot handles the rest.

Can I still make my own trades?

Yes, CryptoRobo calculates the most profitable trades for you, but if you want you can also run your own trades.

How many trades are made and what is their profit rate?

We place trades in a matter of seconds, faster than any person could ever do. This is why we are the undisputed market leader.

Is it possible to lose money?

The chances of losing money are minimal; however, our algorithm was designed to win 93% of all trades.

Are you sharing my personal information?

CryptoRobo only publishes and analyzes data relative to your trading activity, which is based exclusively on trading actions such as opening and closing a trade. We will never share personal contact details or information regarding the funds in your account or financial situation without your consent.

Can anyone see how much money I made?

No, as CryptoRobo’s entire payment system runs entirely anonymously.

How can I assist to further improve CryptoRobo?

We are always happy to receive requests and suggestions from all our members.

What personal information is necessary to sign up?

We only need your first name, a valid email address, and telephone number for your verification. Your data will be encrypted and will not be submitted to any third parties.